Why not look at a beautiful photograph when you open a new tab?

Beautiful New Tabs is an extension for Safari that replaces your new tab page with a gorgeous wallpaper. Images are pulled from Unsplash, a repository for beautiful photographs. Images can be anything you want - nature, cats, lizards or fruit, anything.

Beautiful New Tabs also shows the weather for your location. The interface for the weather and the rest of the page responds to dark and light mode, looking good on any theme.

Try a simple, beautiful way to open new tabs.


Beautiful New Tabs contains no in-app purchases. Buy once and own forever.


Beautiful New Tabs caches whatever you put into the weather search field locally on your computer so it can display the correct weather when you open a new tab. It does not store or share this information with any third party.

This app does not use any:

  • Tracking of any kind
  • Third-party software libraries or SDKs

Read more in the BNT privacy policy.

Other platforms

Beautiful New Tabs is built as a native Safari extension. It does not support Chrome or Firefox. For those browsers, I would recommend Tabliss (Chrome, Firefox).


Safari toolbar icon: Rose by Vectors Market from the Noun Project