Autofill Email Codes does not collect any data about its users.

AEC checks only your most recently received email messages for login codes. It then displays those codes in the browser extension window.

The app does not store any information from your email whatsoever. It does not share any information from your email with any third parties. It does not use your information for any purpose other than displaying possible autofill codes.

When you grant AEC permission to access your email, it stores an access token in your browser’s storage.

  • If your browser syncs data between desktop and mobile, the token will be synced as well. No third party can access it.
  • It is only used to check your emails for login codes.
  • It is never shared.

The app’s use and transfer of information received from Google APIs adheres to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Source Code Nutrition Label

You shouldn’t have to worry Autofill Email Codes is using some privacy-sucking third-party library. Apps shouldn't be mystery meat. You should know what code goes into them.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of third-party code used by apps: those used inside the app, and those used to build the app.

Code used in the app is included with AEC and will run on your device. For example, if an app shows ads from Facebook, it might include the Facebook SDK (AEC does neither).

Then there’s code used to build the app, which is not included with AEC. It only runs on my computer when I make a new version of the app. I can’t list every piece of software that goes into building AEC ("macOS"), but I can tell you what third-party code directly helps build the app.

Third-party code included in AEC

This code runs on your device.

  • React: A framework that builds the UI displayed in the AEC popup
  • react-hotkeys-hook: Adds keyboard shortcuts to AEC
  • DayJS: Formats dates so AEC can check just today’s emails for login codes
  • js-base64: Lets AEC read emails returned from Gmail
  • linkedom: Lets AEC search through emails for codes
  • ramda: Helps AEC filter duplicate codes

Third-party code used to build AEC

This code does not run on your device.

The app

  • TypeScript: A variant of JavaScript. Helps me write safer, less crash-y code.
  • esbuild: Super-fast compiler that turns React and TypeScript into code Safari understands.
  • prettier: Automatically formats my code to look nice.


  • Toolbar envelope icon by Ralf Schmitzer from the Noun Project