Most websites let you log in with just a password, but not all of them. Some websites email you a code you have to use to log in.

Autofill Email Codes is a simple, powerful Safari extension that makes email codes easy. It checks your Gmail and displays a list of possible login codes, with buttons for you to quickly copy or autofill them.

Log in with email codes in a flash with Autofill Email Codes.

The app is still in beta, so only Safari and Gmail are supported at the moment.


Autofill Email Codes contains no in-app purchases. Buy once and own forever.

Buying the iOS version unlocks AEC on macOS for free, and vice versa.


When you open Autofill Email Codes, it checks only your most recently received email messages for login codes. It then displays those codes in the browser extension window.

The app does not store any information from your email whatsoever. It does not share any information from your email with any third parties. It does not use your information for any purpose other than displaying possible autofill codes.

See the full privacy policy for more.

Other platforms

Autofill Email Codes is a native Safari extension. Chrome, Firefox and Edge support is planned in the future.