By downloading Autofill Email Codes (AEC) and granting the app access to your email account, you consent to the “core functionality” of the app. That functionality is when you open the AEC extension window, AEC will check emails sent to you for possible login codes. It will offer these to you as autofill suggestions.

Additionally, when you grant AEC access to your email provider, you consent to the app storing in your browser a token necessary to search your email. This token will be used by Nazario Software LLC only for the core functionality of the app.

Nazario Software LLC agrees to never access your email data for any purpose other than the core functionality.

Nazario Software LLC agrees to never share access to your email data with a third-party.

By using the app, you consent to not hold Nazario Software LLC responsible for any unauthorized access to your email data. You acknowledge that Nazario Software LLC is not responsible for any unforseen data leaks or compromises of security which may expose information from your email account to a third party.