If you need help with EZ CRT, please send an email describing the exact problem and steps that caused it. My address is nazariosoftwarellc@gmail.com, I will do my best to help.

How do I stop the flickering?

Open the extension settings and uncheck “Flickering effect.”

Opening the extension settings


  1. Right-click the EZ CRT icon in the Chrome toolbar (the icon may be under the puzzle piece Extensions menu)
  2. Click “Options”


  1. Right-click the EZ CRT icon in the Firefox toolbar
  2. Click “Manage Extension”
  3. Click the “…” button in the upper right
  4. Click “Preferences”


  1. Go to Safari -> Preferences -> Extensions -> EZ CRT
  2. Enable the extension, if it is not already
  3. Click “Settings”